Unbearably Funny

Unbearably Funny

Unbearably Funny

A Stand-Up Comedy Show by Jon Sue-Ho

Scottish Pep Talks


All of this started with Scottish Pep Talks, inspirational and hilarious messages in a Scottish accent!

Visit our “A Tale of Kilts and Tax Law” page to learn more about how Scottish Pep Talks led to the creation of Unbearably Funny.

You should visit scottishpeptalks.com, but here’s a couple of audio samples to give you a feel for things.


“Wayne is a Scottish Gaelic Name”


“That is What It’s All About”

WARNING: Some of the pep talks are more heartfelt than hilarious, but will still make you feel better about life. That probably didn’t need to be labelled as “WARNING”, but you probably were more likely to read it since we labelled it that way, weren’t you?