Unbearably Funny

Unbearably Funny

Unbearably Funny

A Stand-Up Comedy Show by Jon Sue-Ho

Backstory: Kilts & Tax Law

This page gives the full story of why I’m putting on a stand up comedy show, how I want to make the world a happier place, and what kilts have to do with tax law.
After you read it (or before) you can buy tickets from our Yapsody page or donate money and get awesome prizes (like t-shirts, bears, or the chance to be part of the show) at our Indiegogo page.
                                                                                                                                            – Jon Sue-Ho

My name is Jon Sue-Ho, and my entire life, I’ve been trying to make people laugh and smile.

For this reason, I created ScottishPepTalks.com, a website with audio recordings of inspirational and hilarious messages, in a Scottish accent.  This started as a whim to cheer up and entertain my co-workers and friends who were having a hard day, but it just kept going.

I decided to make a humorous holiday album, Scottish Pep Talks Presents Christmas from the Public Domain, featuring such great songs as “Jingle Kilts” and “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel” as if it were sung by William Wallace (I understand the irony), originally also just as a way to make my friends and co-workers laugh, but then as a

I chatted with an accountant and learned that this qualified me as a small business, allowing me to write off on my taxes things such as domain name registration and kilts.  I also learned that to remain a small business in the eyes of the law, I had to turn a profit three out of the first five years.

Well, it’s been two years, and I haven’t turned a profit either year.  When I was making the Christmas album, some musician friends of mine told me that albums aren’t how musicians support themselves.  Instead, they get revenue by touring.

So, in order to achieve my moral goal of remaining a small business in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service, I am doing what i do best: making people laugh.

I am self producing my own stand up comedy show.  I have a lot of experience doing stand up but never professionally.  In addition to writing and performing my material, I am:
booking the venue
hiring a graphic designer (who unfortunately isn’t getting paid enough)
hiring an opening act/MC (who unfortunately isn’t getting paid enough)

arranging pre-sale tickets
making event t-shirts
making teddy bears wearing the event t-shirts

making a website

arranging audio/video recording

and so much more

All these things, besides being a lot of hard work, take a lot of money.  This fund raiser is to help pay for all the expenses related to producing the show so that the earnings from ticket sales can be used to fund future projects, as ridiculous as pep talks and Christmas albums in a Scottish accent.  For instance, I recently purchased the domain name RussianSadTalks.com, and if this year goes well, we’ll develop it into site with painfully hilarious audio messages in an Eastern European accent.

I WILL NOT BE KEEPING ANY OF THE MONEY FOR MYSELF  All of it will be poured back as seed funds for more hilarious enterprises designed to make the world a better place, or at least a funnier one.  Expenses include things we already have like:

web hosting
domain name registration
album distribution costs
PO boxes

a kilt

and things we’d like to buy:

a camera
better microphones
an awesome Russian hat
a kilt
and so much more
My dream is to turn this into a real, legitimate business, capable of supporting itself and its continuing hijinks.  Right now it’s still a quasi-legitimate.  It’s not an illegitimate business.  Rather, it’s been a business that was conceived out of wedlock and whose parents got married right away.